Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Save the Heart, Save the World

Once I was questioned by a friend: When is the best time to change? Is it either on Maal Hijrah or on the New Year’s Eve? The friend however is a well-known-cunning-man-in-red who usually already knows the answer to the question he’s asking, and the answer is usually not even in the options he gave. Those unfamiliar to his tricks would be a victim where he would wait patiently for them to give an answer, and gleefully shout ‘salah!’ the moment they open their mouth. I’m getting all used to his trick, but I answered ‘Maal Hijrah’ anyway.

As expected, he would shout ‘salah!’, but I am too interested in his answer that I couldn’t bother that I was wrong. His answer is:

“There is no specific time for us to change; we must change the moment we intend to change”

Quite philosophical for a cunning person. Well, while I certainly agree, in my case, however, I usually have the intention to change only on Maal Hijrahs or New Year’s Eve. So well, it’s all the same.

My motto for 2009 will be: “Save the heart, save the world”. It’s a short, but meaningful motto. Saving the heart includes saving the heart heart, you know, the one that pumps blood to the whole body. Achieving this includes exercising regularly and having a wise selection of nutrition. Saving the heart also means saving the other heart, you know, the one that makes us human human. How? By seeking to understand others first before trying to be understood, by keeping promises, by resisting the urge to criticize, by spending more energy appreciating what I already have instead of wanting what I don't have, and by spending more time with those that really matter in my life (Allah S.W.T, family, close friends) =)
When both hearts are being taken care of, then I can concentrate on saving the world, which includes, spreading kindness, helping those in need, creating a greener world, standing up for what is right, and stopping villains from taking over the world!


A'a said...

nice motto..

fahimah said...

man jadda wa jadda..
ALLAH MAHA BAIK..HE will helps u=)

p/s:nice page,da update since new year=p

IRA said...

lagi satu lutfi, sila berazam utk tidak tido dlm class. sila sila.

Lutfi Fadil said...

Baiklah ira! tambah lagi satu! saya berazam utk tidak tido dlm kelas...

fahimah said...

marah dosen kang haha

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