Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Living The Moment

Many people asked me shouldn't I be a specialist first, learn hospital management, business and management or something to run Hospitals Beyond Boundaries? Oh well, if I spend all my time studying to be ready, I will never stop studying, and I will never start. A good idea evolves over a long time period. It is important to start while you are young and have the energy to execute. Many people are so afraid of making mistakes, they become paralyzed. But it is necessary to learn from mistakes. Contrary to learning theory from books, you can never forget the experience and pain of a mistake. There is no mistake you cannot recover from except if it kills you. I am doing something that I really care about, something I have passion in, something I love. For me, that is more worth it than a bunch of degrees and certificates hung on the wall. I've had some tough times convincing people about my idea, but then it occurred to me: If they don't like my idea, I never have to see these people again

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