Thursday, October 10, 2013

The One Young World Summit, Johannesburg

One Young World has been the most eye-opening event I have ever been to. So many young people are doing amazing things across the world. I feel so small with the project that I am doing. But the good thing about feeling what you are doing is small as compared to others is that it feels more achievable. If other young people can do greater things than me, so then what is my excuse? The moment I stepped off the stage, streams of people came and told me words of hope, to continue what I am doing. But the best words came from the Father of social business himself: Professor Muhammad Yunus, whom I got to talk to backstage. He told me things will be tough, but to never lose faith in what you believe in. My speech can be viewed below at 14:44 minutes:


akmall said...

congratulations, I am so proud of what you are doing now, inspiring others and it inspired me to help others too.

INner ME said...

visitor from france, tp org malaysia.. huhu..

Anonymous said...

i'm impressed to c how far hbb is now on the world stage, syabas hbb team, i'm just wondering if u can share what make u a very good presentor n speaker, it doesn't have to b from books....mayb, if n only if u r free n willing to write that here. I know that u have had sort of a session teaching the public on how to speak in front of audiences, i'm sorry i couldn't make it. N i really appreciate if u can share that if u don't mind for those who have missed it for whatever reasons that we might have. I understand if u choose not to share it here cuz i know that u didn't give that session for free, so it is not fair to those who attended n actually paid for it. whatever ur decision would b, tq in advance n hope hbb will continue to flourishhhhhh.


Azimah Shukor said...

Assalamualaikum, I am proud of u and I take u as my inspire to build a hospital too one day. I hope that u will guide me all the ways. Insyaallah

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