Friday, October 18, 2013

My Stay With The Cape Malays

I will never forget my pleasant stay in Cape Town with the Cape Malays of South Africa. The hospitality of Dr Fahmi and Madam Fareeda will be impossible to be repaid. The offer to stay in their house during my arrival, all the delicious Cape-Malay food that they cook, that I often laugh to how much similar the names are: "begedil, belacan, sambal, bubur, etc', the crash course tour around Cape Town, tracing back the Malay heritage. It is so interesting how they always refer to themselves as the Malays to me, like "We the Malay men are always like this, and Malay women tend to be...this and that", like hey, you're talking to a Malay as well. Haha. No words can describe how blessed my stay in Cape Town was with them hosting me. I am so touched to know that Dr Fahmi is suffering from cancer and is in chemotherapy, but his energy in taking me around Cape Town is admirable. To dear readers, please pray for his health and longevity. Even though it was just for 4 days, they pretty much are like my African grandparents! One of the days they took me for a walk along Boulder's Beach to see the penguins:

Uncle Fahmi was very helpful and enthusiastic towards my cause. He got me a live interview at a South African radio station, set me a meeting with the Islamic Medical Association of South Africa, and took me to the free health clinic their association built to provide health for the poor and needy.

One day they took me to the Bokaap area, the Cape-Malays settlements. It is interesting to know that the Cape Malays originated from the Malaysia-Indonesia region during the Dutch Colonial times. Many of them are descendants of freedom fighters, religious leaders and prominent people who are sent off by the Dutch into exile to Cape Town. Many of the Malay words are still used such as 'terimakasih', 'meninggal', 'lebaran' and such. Bokaap consists of very colorful houses, with the background of the magnificent Table Mountain. 

On the last day, I went to the top of the mountain. The view up there is absolutely beautiful, like I am on an island in a sea of clouds! I went there early morning and it is almost just me up there, having the mountain all to myself ;)

My stay in Cape Town has been most wonderful. I truely think Cape Town is a place that is largely unexplored by Malaysian tourists because I rarely hear Malaysian coming to South Africa or Cape Town for holidays when it is absolutely the perfect place to be! I would really recommend a visit, because if given another chance, I will be here again for sure!


cloverleaves90 said...

So beautiful

Lavender Othman said...


Akmall Razlan said...

Tahniah.. yup, Saya komen dalam bahasa Melayu, bukan saya tak boleh berbahasa Inggeris, cuma, saya menghidupkan tajuk entri ini. Tahniah, dan Afrika Selatan amat cantik, untung awak.

IsmailN said...

There are so many amazing places on this earth, but what makes a place special is the people and their hospitality. You're so blessed to have met wonderful persons like Dr Fahmi & Madam Fareeda.

farizah farr said...

Pray for dr.fahmi..syafahallah..yes you're so blessed to meet that amazing people. anyway..the scenery are so beautiful..Subhanallah!

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