Monday, May 28, 2012

The Last Speech

I could not believe it has been a full one year term since I swore in as the President of the MMA Medical Students Society. Last weekend was finally the time for me to step down. It has been a term full of learning experiences, but I will write all about it later. Much has also been achieved, but I am not going to write it down either. Because listening is easier than reading, so...listen ;) 

Final speech as SMMAMS President:

Opening speech for the 4th Malaysian International Medical Students Conference (MIMSC 2012):


akmall said...

This is such a pleasure to follow this blog with so inspiring writings, it could not be better. Keep on writing good things and thank you for writing such greats things. Not all could be like you, thanks for sharing.


Anonymous said...

when narcism can annoy some people, I wonder why it just awed me even more. May Allah Guidance and blessings are always with you

feeza_rashid said...

Hey Lutfi. You just being too great with the speech. Aku dengar dengan tekun kot masa dinner and opening ceremony tu. Haha. Teruja ! :P Semoga all medical students take you as a role model. Konfem Malaysian Medical Student Socienty will be more awesome oneday. InsyaAllah. Auuuwww :')

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