Sunday, March 18, 2012

A Huge Relief

Feels so good to be writing again. I have been away for quite a while to focus on my final semester exams. Results came out and Alhamdulillah I passed, yay! I am extremely excited and relieved this time around because so much was at stake. Firstly is because I find Paediatrics terrifying and my Professor was very strict and she didn’t like my inability to pay attention for more than 15 minutes. Secondly I haven’t been around the clinics wards and operating theatres much because I have been so busy with responsibilities in student organizations. Thirdly is because I already bought tickets to a conference in Mumbai and if I did not pass, I would have to resit the postings hence burning the tickets just like that. But again, Alhamdulillah I passed, and there is only 1 year to go until I finally become a medical doctor. Now I am rewarded with a 2 months holiday. I won’t call it a holiday though since there is actually so much to do, and I’ll start by getting this blog up and running again!


Lyon said...

Congrtas, Lufti! Hope you do well in your final year too, which I am sure you will!

izzudin hafiz said...

similar problem with me during my prof dont like me becoz inability of me to paying attention more than 5 mins..haha

Lutfi Fadil Lokman said...

Lyon: Thx Lyon, gud luck in your studies too!

Hafiz: Haha, same prof, same problem! ;P

izzudin hafiz said...

nasib baik dia x failed kan kau mcm hoping i am the only one ever yang kene mcm tue, jgn ada dah yng kne..hehhe

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