Friday, July 10, 2009

Of PPSMI and the whole language mix-up

Just a catchy topic to attract you. Gotcha! What actually I'd like to write today is about how confused kids can be when you mix up Malay and English at once.

Story 1:

Do you know why I wanted to become a doctor? The story goes like this. When I was a kid (before I even went to school) my family thought I wanted to be a fireman, or ‘ahli bomba’ in Malay. What I really wanted to be was a ‘bomber’. Yep, bomber as in suicide bomber (except for the suicide part). All because I love this video game called 'bomberman' (it was a classic riff! Phenomenal back then…old school gamers like Ismayudin Ismail would know). So I told my parents: “Dah besar nanti Opie nak jadi bomber!” They must have misinterpreted bomber as ‘ahli bomba’ because every time a fire engine passed by, my parents will say “Opie, tgk tu…bomba! nampak tak?”…and little me would believe that somewhere inside that long, red vehicle, people armed with dynamites are ready to blow up some bad-arses. My parents must be proud thinking that their one and only son aspire to save some lives, courageously putting off fires, sacrificing himself for the sake of strangers. But little did they know, deep inside the little mind of mine, I was secretly planning to blast off bad-arses into smithereens. Just like Mr.Bomberman! But sometime later, my parents (still thinking I'm interested in becoming a fireman) showed me a fireman cartoon show on TV. I was so excited! Seconds turned into minutes, minutes turned into hours, I waited and waited, but there’s still not a single explosion in sight! Nothing can compare to my disappointment at that time. So, the moment the cartoon show ended, I swore I wouldn’t want to be a bomberman anymore, and become a doctor instead!

Thank you cartoon show, you saved my life!
Owh, I miss this classic riff. 1987? The year I was born!
Story 2:

When I was a kid, I thought that Kenny Rogers was a 'singa'. Yep, ‘singa’ as in Lion King? (Singa means lion in Malay). While we were having dinner at Kenny Rogers, I overheard my parents saying 'Kenny Rogers ni dulu 'singer' tau. Popular zaman mak ayah dulu'. So, since then, I thought Kenny Rogers was formerly a lion, and somehow transformed into a human being. Miracles happen, I thought...just like in Disney movies (beast turns into a prince, frog turns into a prince...owh, it happens all the time, but lion turns into Kenny Rogers?)

Owh, come on...even you cannot tell their difference!


Irfanmanaf said...

nice blog writing..i like all your post..nice and attractive note!!.written with passion,brilliantly..full of confidence and knowledge.Congrate!!..u live for it!!

Lutfi Fadil said...

Well, thank you Irfan! =D

Bre.zDreamer said...

haha! nice stories ^,^

great blog!

~love, peace, &happiness~

Lutfi Fadil said...

Thanks Bre.zDreamer, nice 2 hv a comment frm half-way round the world...I've been to florida btw, nice place! =D

IRA said...

weh lawak gila ingat mamat tu dulu singa wakakakakakakka

Lutfi Fadil said...

Seyes wei...aku mane la pegi skola lagi time tu...x blaja lagi pasal evolution. lgpn tgk la gmba kn lebey kurang same tu?

IRA said...

nasib baik dh besar jadi pandai! LOL! weh ym laaa!

westwind said...

nice one.
but the 1st line,

'Do you know why I wanted to become a doctor?'

u din ans this.u just talk crap.hehe

Lutfi Fadil said...

Okay Westwind, whatever…here’s the epilogue that I missed:

“Nothing can compare to my disappointment at that time. The moment the cartoon show ended, I swore I wouldn’t want to be a bomberman anymore. It was like my dreams were taken away from me! All that I worked for, all the times spent playing bomberman, all went to waste. Gone with the wind (not westwind). I gasped for air of ideas on what to become when I grew up. Then I saw my father. He’s a doctor. He seems ok. So since that day, I wanted to become a doctor.

Thank you cartoon show, you saved my life!"

AdlineLime^-^Tea said...

hahaha...sengal la ko lutfi~
terpengaruh dgn game la plak~

but still..nice story again from u...

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