Sunday, January 18, 2009

Have a Checklist!

Today, a fellow delegate gave me booklet titled ‘Travelling to the United States’. It includes a checklist of what to bring and what not to bring. When someone gives you that kinda stuff, it means: “You better pack your bags ASAP, or you’re gonna regret it!”

This is not my first time travelling to the United States. I went and stayed there for more than a year. But I was only 6 back then, and no one gave me any checklists before departing. Without a checklist, all I wanted to bring along to at that time was my video game and a Malaysian flag. Unfortunately, my mother wouldn’t let me bring the video game. So I just brought along a Malaysian flag and spent the time along the way to the airport worrying about how to spend my time without my video game. That’s about all I could recall, but thanks to the miracle of cameras (although not digital), I get a snapshot of the departing experience:

I have no idea why I’m bringing along a Malaysian flag. I guess I was a proud, patriotic boy. Or maybe I thought that the Malaysian flag and the American flag look similar so I brought it along hoping that the Americans wouldn’t notice. The tie and tucked-in shirt suggests that I’m a neat person since young =P

15 years passed by, and I can't believe I will be heading to Boston once again. I did plan to visit the place again someday, but I didn’t expect it to be this soon. As a 21 year old, I am supposed to settle everything myself. So I got myself a US visa, bought conference attires, winter coats, boots, and I didn’t even intend to bring along my video game (how much I have changed, I bet Boston has changed a lot either).

As life gets more hectic and demands more and more of your time each day, it's wise for us to have a checklist. Unlike elephants, we tend to forget, and as humans, we are privileged with the ability to write. Sometimes we are overwhelmed with the things that we need to do for the day, and we don’t know where to start! Checklists give us a whole perspective of our daily obligations, and allow us to prioritize which are the ones to be settled first, and which can be settled for later. Simple, yet useful


fahimah said...

ops correction! u r 22 now=p
so cute wit ur flag,tie n tucked-in shirt hahaha(da pandai begaye kecik2)
checklist is so important~dun miss aniting ya! said...

nanti bopie pegi tangkap laa gambar yg exactly macam ni.

nnti boleh buat movie. hahhah.
bawak malaysian flag jugak. :}

Lutfi Fadil said...

haha...tau xpe! memang dah plan nak wat cmtu pon.

buat movie dgn background lagu "you raise me up"...sbg dedication kpd mak dan ayah. hehe

anyway,mak dah bace blom blog bopie? promote kat mak sket, sroh mak leave comment

ckp kat tin jugak jgn kedekut sgt tak bagi peluang org komen blog die. hehe

Bie said...

upie, bw flag mesia ag ok? :P
kali neh yg besar nye.. huhu

Lutfi Fadil said...

Baiklah...yg besau gle punye
smpai amik gmba pon x nmpk muke..hehe

Fazzara said...

kenapa takde tin ? ;)

Lutfi Fadil said...

yela2, lain kali cite pasal tin la plak...pasal tin tak pandai merangkakak tp mengengsot macam ular

syed muhammad said...

jap2 mgkn korg x perasan. kat belakang tu baju kurung bukan langsir. haha. corak klasik. ko bce poem kat hall. aku nam thn pg atas pentas rmpas mic nyanyik lagu satu round. hmm mgkn satu hari nanti aku bkl menjadi pulis yang baik (x de kaitan). hampes...

Lutfi Fadil said...

hahaha...bengong big show. mungkin 1 hari ko jadi penyanyi terkenal d dunia

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