Saturday, June 16, 2012

Towards The Land of My Childhood Dreams

I cannot believe today is finally the day I am going to step foot on the land of my childhood dreams. Growing up in a childhood environment filled with Doraemon, Dragon Ball, Ultraman, Masked Rider and the likes, Japan has always been one of the first places I dream to go to. Heck, let's not start with the Japanese video games that has filled my childhood. Final Fantasy, Chrono Cross, Tenchu, Shinobi, Shenmue, and everything else Konami, SquareEnix and Capcom (my future kids would wonder what the heck I am talking about). I even cried watching some of the endings of those games. There are no such things as the cartoon or video game characters in real life, I know, but the culture embedded in the stories are real. I just can't wait. It's like a journey to rediscover my childhood. Here we go!

P/S: I would like to thank the late Fujio F. Fujiko for encouraging my generation to have the wildest of imaginations. Now is the time for us to live them. 
Doraemon and friends 

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doremon tap cuoi said...

my memory about doraemon is forever

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