Saturday, December 24, 2011

Moments I Surrender To

Sunset in Istanbul. One of the most beautiful sunset I have ever seen
Some people travel to get someplace. I travel just to go. I travel for travel’s sake. My great affair is to move out of the environment that I have been too accustomed with and realize that the world is wider than what my mind had initially perceived. When I am away, I am free from questions, attachments and worldly affairs. I surrender to these moments where I have the luxury of time to think about things I usually don’t think of when I am in the thick of hectic things. Like thinking about the universe, the purpose of my life and the purpose of living in this world. As I observe the wonder of the bizarre and beautiful things that surrounds me, I find beauty in the Creator. It is as if I was detached from my former self. Then comes the great understanding that I live in this world, but I do not belong to it eternally. I live and surrender to these moments, exaggerate the feelings until I truly feel it. In these moments, I resemble the flowers, the trees, the mountains and the stars in the sky…


Anonymous said...

Where are you right now?
What about Fatin?
In Istanbul??


Lutfi Fadil Lokman said...

In Malaysia, dh balik dh frm Istanbul...fatin n my family smbung ke zurich n london, balik mggu dpn ;)

Anonymous said...

Hiiii MJ.wush tiba tiba kau muncul,kau ktne?cuti en? -zara

ADEEYA said...


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