Sunday, May 1, 2011

How Malacca Was Discovered (Alternate Ending)

Teacher: Okay everyone, please sit down and open page 23. Today we’re learning about the discovery of Malacca

(Flipping of pages)

Teacher: Aminah, can you find Malacca on the map?

Aminah: Yes, teacher, here it is!

Teacher: Good! Okay, class, who discovered Malacca?

Class: Aminah!


Teacher: Okay, but NO! It’s Parameswara

Class: Ooooh…

Amir: Teacher, who is Parameswara?

Teacher: He’s a prince. He ran away from his home, Palembang because it has fallen into the hands of Majapahit

Amir: Why did he run away from home? Did he hate his parents?

Teacher: No, because his hometown was conquered by outsiders so he has to find a new place to rule

Aminah: Did his parents hate him because he’s bald?

Teacher: Ugh, I told you, this has nothing to do with his parents!

Amir: They’re not related?

Teacher: No, they’re not!

Amir: Then who gave birth to Parameswara?

Teacher: Okay forget it! So one day Parameswara ran away from his parents’ house to find a new home, get it?

Class: Ooooh…

Teacher: First, he went to Temasik, now known as Singapore. At first, the ruler there gave him protection, but know what happened? He killed that ruler!

Amir: OMG! You mean Singapore's name hasn't always been Singapore?

(Long silence)

Teacher: Ugh, yeah…but that’s not the point. Can you focus? I said, he killed the ruler of Temasik in order to become the new ruler!

Aminah: Oh no!!!

(Actually, triggered by the word 'new ruler' Aminah just realized she forgot to bring her new ruler for mathematics)

Teacher: The people of Temasik were angry and didn’t want Parameswara to become their new ruler, so he went off again to a place that will soon become Malacca. Now, who knows where Malacca gets its name from?

Class: (Silence, looking at each other)

Teacher: Okay, so Parameswara was tired from running away, so he went on to rest under a tree by the river, when suddenly came a Kijang. Parameswara brought along his hunting dogs. Uhhh, what a tasty feast the kijang would be! Yum yum! So Parameswara commanded his dogs to catch the kijang...go get 'em my faithful dogs!

Amir: Parameswara can talk dog language?

Teacher: No,it's just for the sake of narration. He must have pointed his fingers at the Kijang and the dog understood

Amir: The dogs can read Parameswara’s mind?

Teacher: Yeah, sort of. ..Anyway, as soon as the dog was about to bite the Kijang, the Kijang kicked the dog away, and into the river!

Aminah: Oh, poor little puppy! Can they swim?

Teacher: No, they can’t

Aminah: So, they drown and died? (watery eyes)

Teacher: I’m afraid so

Aminah: Waaaaaa! (Cries heavily)

Teacher: Now, now Aminah, don’t cry…I was mistaken. I’m sure there are fishermen there at the river, so the dogs must have landed in their boats safe and sound, and the fishermen took them home and feed them to become healthy dogs

Aminah: Really? Yay!

Teacher: So, Parameswara was astonished by the strength of the Kijang. So, he asked his bodyguard ‘I’ve never seen a kijang so strong! What the hell is the name of this tree I’m resting under?’

Amir: Wait, what does the tree has to do with the kijangs and the dogs and the fishermen?

Teacher: Nothing. Because Parameswara already know the name of his dogs, John and Denver, the name of that kijang, Sang Kijang, and also the name of his bodyguard, Ali Rustam, so he needs to ask something he hadn’t known already!

Class: Ooooh…

Teacher: So, the guard answered ‘Uh…I think it’s Malacca’. ‘Malacca?’ Parameswara replied. ''What a great name for a country! That’s it, I’m going to build a country here, and name it Malacca! Melaka Maju 2010!'' So that’s how Malacca was founded


This must be the river that the dogs were kicked into


zuby1603 said...

Salam . I think i seriously have to say this. I have always love to read your writings. At times , It has inspiring enough to look upon certain matters. I wonder how you actually able to think of out of box. Im looking forward for your new entries in blog and or fb notes. Allah bless with you always till then.

Lutfi Fadil said...

Salam. Alhamdulillah, I'm glad that my writing has inspired you. It has always been my pleasure to inspire people to think...Oh well, I am just an ordinary person who happens to read voraciously. hehe...Amin

Balqis Riza said...

so funny! hahaha

norhatizahmohamed said...

haha it is so funny. i can't imagine myself as the history teacher.

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