Sunday, September 27, 2009

Life is too short to be miserable

I read about an interesting research where they do a cohort study of 2 groups of people: One group of people won major lotteries of 1 million dollars. Another group of people got themselves walking disabilities, be it through road accidents or paralysis. They were asked "How do you feel" on the first day they won the lottery / got the walking disabilties. The answer? Yup, you guessed it: The lottery group responded with much happiness, gladness, almost manic euphoria. The disabled group responded with much sorrow, regret, almost major depressive.

A million dollars!

After 6 months, they were asked the same questions again. The answers were surprising, since more than 80% of them answerd more or less the same: "I feel fine". That's it? Fine? What happened to the manic euphoria and major depression? You won 1 million dollars and end up feeling the same as someone who lost their leg? So people, I think after a while, we adapt to EVERYTHING. Be it a million dollars or a disability. So in the long term, circumstances don't really determine your feeling. So, why not ditch that sorrow and be happy with what you have for a change? Of course, we do need to go for the best. What kinda idiot would refuse a million dollars because he'd feel the same in 6 months anyway? What I'm trying to say is: Strive for the best, but if you didn't get it after your hard efforts...he happy with what you have =)


lady "L" said...

You definitely are getting wiser by day. Anyway, I'll still remeber the lil' Opie you used to be.

nur_aishah said... all depends on how the person adapt with the situation...

the lottery winner can still feel like the 1st day he win it if he invest well or spend it right..

the dissable people accept their fate & adapt the new lifestyle making them happy with what they are.

the key here is back to your theme: ADAPTATION..

BDW, it is GOod post Lutfi(",)

Anonymous said...

xlarat nak post?

anis said...

amazing..:)..keep it up.

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